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Below shows a summary of some of our most popular services tailored to your individual needs. Feel free to click on this link to contact us directly if you need any further clarifications. We will be most happy to hear from you!

For those intending to find best dates for Interview, Move-In, Start of Renovation etc.

For those intending to find dates for marriage, or involving two persons.

For those looking for a good date for the best Baby Ba Zi Luck.




Monthly Auspicious Date

Auspicious Wedding Date

Selecting Best Baby's ba Zi

Information Required
 Name, Gender, Date & Time of Birth
 Month to analysis

Information Required
[ Form: .doc / .pdf ]

 Name, Gender, Date & Time of Birth of Bride & Groom
 Name, Gender, Date & Time of Birth of Parent & In-Laws
 Date Range (ie between Jan 2004 to Jun 2004)
 Preferences (weekend / weekday)

Information Required
[ Form: .doc / .pdf ]

 Parents's Name, Gender, Date & Time of Birth
 Baby's Gender
 Date Range (ie between 10 Jan to 17 Jan)
 Doctor's Availability (day time)

 Do-It-Yourself Personalised Report (Online Service)
 Personalised to your Ba Zi
 Clash & Combinations Analysis
 Tong Shu Events
 Auspicious Date (monthly analysis)

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[Free 30-days Auspicious Date for TWO persons]

 Expert Help (Online Service)
 Personalised to your Ba Zi
 Clash & Combinations Analysis
 Review upto 6 months for 2 persons
 Give you a list of dates (ie usually 2 or 6 very auspicious dates for each month)
 True Element Review
 Binding Element Review
 100% Done by Master Robert Lee

NOTE: Service completion time depends on when you provide all the required information. ie if all information is provided on 1 Jan 2003, and you obtain 24HRS service, you can expect to receive the analysis on 2 Jan 2003.

Wedding Procedure Info:
[ Learn about Traditional & Modern Wedding Ceremonies: .pdf ]

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 Expert Help (Online Service)
 Ba Zi Analysis for 30 days range
 Analyse 12 different chinese hours of each day for best Baby Ba Zi (Total of 84 different ba zi analysis)
 Recommend which date will give the best baby's ba zi luck
 Recommend which hours should be recommended for the baby to be born
 Recommend characteristic such as wealth luck, power luck etc.
 100% Done Personally by Master Robert Lee

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Sample Report

Sample Report

Sample Report

 Auspicious Date Report
 Wedding Summary
 Auspicious Date Report
 Family Summary Report
 Caesarian Date Summary
 Detailed Date Summary
 Detailed Bazi Summary

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Auspicious Dates

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