Auspicious Date for Marriage

Information Needed from you

Call us to perform an Auspicious Date Selection for you. You will need to furnish the following:-

     Date & Time of Birth for bride & bridegroom
     Date & Time of Birth for parents & parent-in-laws
     Approximate Months to get married (ie Jun - Aug 2004)
     Weekday or Weekend Preferences

Detailed & Comprehensive Explanation

After the analysis is completed, we will e-mail you the details and the recommended dates to get married.

     You will get to know which are the most aupicious date for to get married, and the next best alternative suitable for the two parties.
     If you have problem booking that date, we can choose for you a next best alternative date or provide advice to improve a date.

Detailed and Comprehensive Reports

You will get the auspicious dates of each party for the months analysed for your personal reference.

     Detailed Auspicious Dates for each person [Sample]

Committed After-Sales service

We will continue to provide after-sales services (additional clarification, wedding ceremony & details etc) to you at no additional costs.

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