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Symbolic Stars

    1. Flower of Romance - When this star is available in a particular year, and it is guided by an auspicious star, it means that you are likely to have some romance, or social gathering. This means that your chances of getting finding a suitable partner (not necessary marriage is increased) Otherwise, it means an adverse effect. That means that you may find that the romance which you meet may cause trouble for you.

    2. Movement Star - This means travel or change of location. If it is auspicious for you, it means that you may have say a change of job or house which is good for you. Otherwise, you it is not advisable for you to have any changes.

    3. Nobleman Star - If you have this star and it is auspicious for you, it normally means that you are very helpful and is always willing to help others. Otherwise, it may mean that others will take advantage of you.

    4. Academic Star - This stars symbolises good academic ability. Means that you are likely to be very good in any study.

    5. Arts - This star symbolises a good creative and artistic ability in a person.


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